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Apr 27, 2013

Podcasts for entrepreneurs and bootstrappers

Lately I've been listening to some great podcasts about entrepreneurship, bootstrapping and startups.

The Rocketship Podcast

Michael Sacca, Joelle Steiniger and Matt Goldman record high-quality 20 minute interviews with successful startup founders about the early days and how they launched their products into revenue.

They are also writing a book covering the same topic called How to Build a Rocketship.

The tone of the interviews is very laid back and it's very easy to listen to. I usually tune into this while working, walking the dog or taking a shower.

It's great to see a lot of different strategies for launching and it's also great to see that startups which are very successful today also had a tough time back when they started.

Links: website, iTunes.

Startups for the Rest of Us

Mike Taber and Rob Walling are recognized entrepreneurs in the bootstrapper community. In this podcast they cover everything you might need to know about launching and operating a product, specially if you're self-funded and launching a business as a solo founder or very small team.

The authors run the Micropreneur Academy and organize MicroConf, the annual conference for self-funded startups, and they also both have their own products.

Mike and Rob put an awesome episode together every week, with clear insights and actionable items that you can apply very quickly. The content is very intense so in general you have to pay a lot of attention, but every single minute is worth gold. I started listening to them a few weeks ago and I'm currently working my way from their latest to their first episodes.

In every show they discuss what they've been up to in the last week with their own products and it's sometimes nice to see that other have also hard times being productive, releasing new features and so on. Rob and Mike also discuss plenty of tips to stay focused and be productive and it's extremely easy to relate to them of you've ever been a self-funded entrepreneur.

Links: website, iTunes

What are some great podcasts that you listen to?

Apr 27, 2013

I've moved to

Hello world!

I've moved my blog to It's a tool an app that turns one of your Dropbox folders into a blog.

What I like most about

  • Markdown syntax: I hate WYSIWYG editors and I use Markdown every day to take notes or write documentation
  • You can edit articles offline, i.e. when traveling on an airplane
  • You can use for favorite editor. For Markdown I mainly use Mou
  • It's hosted so I don't have to take care of the maintenance and it's very simple to configure and use