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About me and my work

I’m an entrepreneur and technologist. I am passionate about building and shipping products.


I studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at University of Karlsruhe, nowadays rebranded as Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany).

During my time at college, I had the privilege of doing several internships at companies like Mercedes and Siemens. In these internships, I had my first hands-on experiences shipping products by contributing directly to the development process building tools, or by assisting in QA processes for major releases.

After obtaining my degree, in 2004 I joined Media Lab Europe, the European Research Partner of MIT Media Lab, as a Research Assistant. I participated in several research projects designing and developing software and hardware.

After the closure of Media Lab Europe, I spent two years working as a web developer, before starting a company. I spent the next few years doing web development, managing software projects and building digital products for our customers.

Current work

Since 2013, I’ve been working on GrapheneDB, a cloud hosting service for graph databases, where I can put my both my experience as a developer and my passion for building products to good use.